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Webber Marketing & Consulting, LLC is a Charlotte, North Carolina based marketing consulting firm that specializes in strategic outreach program development. We provide on-site event execution, experiential marketing activities, media planning and public relations. The motivation behind all of our corporate decisions is to provide client focused programs that deliver measurable results, improve market position and build for future successes. More than anything else…we realize your success is our success.

We create a target audience connection through tailored brand building activities, customized on-site engagement, efficient media planning and inspired public relations. Our clients benefit from superior brand perception, reliable database development, heighten product awareness, and most importantly, sales increases.

We have proven experience with global corporate clients who have collectively enjoyed multi-year relationships with established sports and entertainment properties. Our aim is to build partnerships by providing business solutions based on sound analysis, thoughtful marketing strategies, mutual goals, long term growth and a healthy foundation of integrity.

2019 Cracker Barrel National Battle of the Bands Recap Video


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